GENERAL DESCRIPTIONThe maintenance staff provides support in the upkeep and repair of the home and apartments, as well complete ground care in all seasons. 

REPORTS TO: Environmental Services Director                    


Education: Boiler Engineer license of 2nd Class C rating minumum.

                      MPCA A/B operator (Underground Storage Tanks)

Skills and Abilities Required:

  • Must be able to read and write in the English language.
  • Must be able to lift 50# regularly and occasionally up to 100#.
  • Carpentry, electrical skills, and mechanical skills.
  • Must be able to make independent decisions.
  • Ability to follow directions.
  • Ability to cooperate with others.
  • Motor vehicle record will be checked annually for combination of 3 accidents or moving violations within 3 year period, this is grounds for a non-driving position.
  • Must have a Minnesota Class C driver’s license.


  1. Maintain and repair all equipment, appliances and furinture.

             A. Nursing repairs: beds, over-bed tables, resident call lights, and other nursing equipment.

            B. Laundry: washers, dryers, carts, and other laundry equipment.

           C. Kitchen: all kitchen appliances, over and steamer, dishwasher and washer eqiupment, and metal carts.

           D. Other areas.

      2. Assist in checking, cleaning, repairing, and replacing:

          A. Boiler ( St. Luke's, New Life Manor, Southview, Friendship) Daily

        B. Steam System

        C. Hot water system (St. Luke's, New Life Manor, Southview, Friendship)


        E. Electrical ( St. Luke's, New Life Manor, Southview, Friendship)

        F. Sprinkler System

        G.Air Handling units- motors, belts, and filters (St. Luke's, New Life Manor, Southview, Friendship)

        H. Run generator at St. Luke's and New life manor

         I.  Air compressors

        J. Heaters ( room and entry ways)

        K. Electrical Heating

        L. Building Security Systeam

        M. Energy management system

        N. Monthly Preventive Maintenance Books

  3. Upkeep grounds, mowing, snow removal, seasonal planting, weed removal and grooming. (St. Luke's, New Life Manor, Southview, Friendship)

  4. Paint work areas, resident's rooms and exterior of building

  5. Repair all broken windows and doors. (St. Luke's, New Life Manor, Southview, Friendship)

  6. Picking up garbage, dialy from all the departments and all apartment buildings on proper schedule.

 7. Maintaining a clean area around garbage dumpsters and ground with lids closed.

 8. Assisting housekeeping department in moving resident furniture.

 9. Hook-up resident's telophones and televisions.

 10. Carpentry work as needed throughout the facility. (St. Luke's, New Life Manor, Southview, Friendship)

 11. Maintain and fill water softner sytems at 5 locations.

 12. Assist in fire drills and alarms. Resetting fire alarm and gate in Thompson Commons.

 13. Assist in developing preventative measures to improve the maintenance function.

 14.Assist in unloading delivered supplies for all departments. (St. Luke's, New Life Manor, Southview, Friendship)

15.Assist in maintaining all maintenance equipment on regular basis, while keeping logs on specified items.

16.Assist in setting up chairs and tables for all programs, activities and picking up afterwards.

17. Know the proper use of our telophone system.

18.Know the torando and fire procedures.

19.Know and follow the attached safety rules.

20. Any other assigned tasks.


  1. To wear nametag at all times.
  2. Maintains an effective working relationship with fellow employees. 
  3. Maintains a neat and orderly workstation.
  4. Performs duties in a safe manner and observes all safety policies.
  5. To follow rules and regulations of facility and department as stated in the employee handbook and department procedure manuals.


  • On call every third week for seven days with a pager or cell phone.
  • Work every third weekend.
  • 79 hour work week. (7.9 hours per day).



  1. In an 8-hour workday, employee must be able to sit for 1 hour, stand for 1 hour and walk for 6 hours.
  2. Employee must be able to occasionally crawl, climb heights, and balance.
  3. Employee must be able to frequently lift and carry up to 75 pounds.
  4. Must be able to occasionally lift and carry up to 100 pounds.
  5. Job requires that the employee use feet for repetitive movements in operating foot controls.
  6. Job requires that the employee be able to use hands for repetitive actions such as simple and firm grasping and fine manipulating.
  7. Job requires the employee to be around moving machinery.
  8. Employee may be exposed to mark changes in temperature and humidity.
  9. Job requires the employee to be able to drive automotive equipment and grounds equipment.
  10. Employee may be exposed to dust, fumes, and glass