GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  The Human Resources Director works as a liaison between staff and administration.  The primary responsibilities are to ensure proper calculation of employee time records and payroll; communicate relevant employment issues to all staff and supervisors; maintain all employment related records; develop and administer policies to keep current with changing legal practices; chair the safety committee; act as Loss Control Coordinator; conduct in-services on all required safety and personnel issues.

REPORTS TO:  Administrator                                           


Education:  4 year college degree in Human Resources or related field; or equivalent work experience.

Skills and Abilities Required:

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Good interpersonal communication skills – verbal and written.
  • Ability to make independent decisions.
  • Ability to be flexible and adapt to changing priorities.
  • Possess strong initiative and self-direction;
  • Must possess strong organizational skills.
  • Thorough knowledge of federal, state and local regulations related to human resources.


  • Operate the Human Resources Department in accordance with the established policies and procedures of the governing body in compliance with federal, state and local regulations.
  • Act as a liaison to the employees and administration.
  • Maintain and ensure proper calculations of employee time records and process bi-weekly payroll.
  • Prepare and balance all payroll reports for Department Heads and Administrator.  Ensure all monthly, quarterly and annual payroll reports are completed.
  • Prepare and distribute annual W-2’s to staff.
  • Prepare and assist with audits of payroll, benefit plans, and any other employee related audits.
  • Update written personnel policies, job descriptions and performance standards as necessary.
  • Maintain systems to recruit, evaluate performance, promote and discharge employees.
  • Maintain systems to assure confidentiality and safe storage of employee records in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Arbitrate complaints and disputes concerning employees.
  • Maintain, prepare and submit all required governmental reporting such as Affirmative Action Compliance Report, EEO-1, Vets-100A, etc.  
  • Maintain and conduct an effective new employee orientation program for all new hires.
  • Responsible for benefit administration and planning.
  • Responsible for Workman’s Compensation program administration. This includes but is not limited to: preparation and submission of 1st Reports of Injury, maintaining communication with workers compensation carrier, injured employee, employee’s supervisor and medical providers, actively pursue a return to work plan for injured workers.
  • Chair Safety Committee and conduct monthly meetings.


  • Perform other related duties as directed by your supervisor.
  • Come to work in neat, clean attire and consistently present an appropriate professional appearance. Wear nametag at all times.
  • Maintains an effective working relationship with all staff.
  • Observe all infection control policies and procedures.
  • Observe all facility safety policies and procedures
  • Observe all Residents’ Rights policies and procedures.
  • To follow rules and regulations of facility and department as stated in the employee handbook and department procedure manuals.
  • May perform reasonably similar or related duties as assigned. 


Office areas


  • Must be able to occasionally lift and carry up to 20 pounds.