GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Responsible for the maintenance services in the facility. Organizes, directs, coordinates and evaluates the maintenance staff. Maintains responsibility for strategic planning and budgetary considerations for the Building Services Department (Maintenance, Housekeeping, and Laundry). Oversees safe and efficient upkeep of all department areas encompassing the interior and exterior of the facility.


REPORTS TO: Administrator                                  SUPERVISES: Maintenance, Laundry and Housekeeping



Education: High school graduate. Technical training required to maintain necessary licensing and/or certification. Adequate computer skills necessary.


Skills and Abilities Required:

  1. Ability to read and write in English language.

  2. Ability to give written and oral instructions.

  3. Knowledge of work to be performed and possess ability to supervise the work of others.

  4. Effective communication with other departments.

  5. Passing scores on state boiler test. Minimum of 2nd class required.

  6. General knowledge of plumbing, carpentry and electrical work.

  7. MPCA underground storage tank operator Class A required.



  1. Oversees the day to day operation of the Building Services Department.

  2. Participate with the Administrator in developing annual budget and capital investments.

  3. Maintain and oversee the heating and cooling system of St. Luke’s, New Life Manor, Southview Estates and Friendship Court.

  4. Direct and schedule the repair of equipment, furniture and appliances.

  5. Monitor and repairing of the hot water system, plumbing, electrical and generators.

  6. Daily inspections of the entire facility (St. Luke’s, New Life Manor, Southview Estates and Friendship Court) for potential maintenance concerns.

  7. Hiring, disciplinary action and termination of personnel.

  8. Monitor a safe working environment and display safety skills with staff.

  9. Conduct annual performance evaluations.

  10. Be aware and responsible to report employee injuries to Human Resources Department.

  11. Approve and/or order all supplies and equipment within the Building Services Department.

  12. Assist in administering monthly fire drills.

  13. Attend and contribute to monthly safety meeting and quarterly QA meetings.

  14. Investigate accidents and take action where required to correct difficulties.

  15. Periodically review safety rules and policies with current staff.

  16. Know the tornado and fire procedures.

  17. Assigns responsibilities and delegates authority within the maintenance staff.

  18. Responsible for the scheduling of staff.

  19. Approves vacation and sick day requests for staff.

  20. Comply with all regulations, policies and standards that apply to the function of the department.

  21. Provide necessary safety orientation for staff.


  1. To wear nametag at all times.

  2. Maintains an effective working relationship with fellow employees.

  3. Maintains a neat and orderly workstation.

  4. Performs duties in a safe manner and observes all safety policies.

  5. To follow rules and regulations of facility and department as stated in the employee handbook and department procedure manuals.

  6. To adhere to the Code of Conduct and Compliance policies as defined in the new employee orientation information.

  7. May perform reasonably similar or related duties as assigned.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Any and all nursing home areas, New Life Manor, Friendship Court and Southview Estates. Building Services office to include computer with access to network as needed.